These are views of the Lake Ann waterfall, which is fed by runoff from Lake Ann.  These were taken in July of 08.  Normally this falls is just a trickle by now, but heavier rains this summer has kept the water flowing.    To view the falls from below requires hiking down into the creek bed and up the creek to the base of the falls.  Watch out for the poison ivy and the occasional snake.  You can, however, easily view the falls from the top side.  Just park on the side of the access road on the way up to the Damn and you'll see paths to follow a short way to view the falls from above.

These falls are located on Old Pinion Road, behind the True Value Hardware store on 71 highway.  Turn right in front of the store and drive strait up to Lake Ann Damn, turn around, and as you start down the hill from the damn you'll see where you can pull to the right an park so you're off the road.  The Falls is only only a dozen yards or so from the road.

The last two images are the same mini falls in the spring of 2008.  It was amazing that this quiet creek could become such a raging monster, rather like comparing the meek and mild Dr. Bruce Banner and his alter ego, the Incredible Hulk!

Another falls is found at Bella Vista's beautiful nature trail, Tanyard Creek, which has it's own pages here.

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