This little boat can go where the bigger boys can't thanks to it's horizontally placed trolling motors in the hull of the boat.  It can travel easily in areas with as little as 6" - 8" of water.  I've been up creeks that have fed into lakes that would never accommodate a standard bass boat. 

It's a "stealth" boat, quiet with a low profile which allowed me to take photographs and video that I would have never been able to otherwise.  It's the perfect photography boat.  It's hands free, the trolling motors are directed using your feet leaving your hands free to take photographs or video.  Can you image how difficult it would be if you had try to do those activities while also directing a back of the boat trolling motor?

For the same reasons which make it a great photography boat, it's also a terrific fishing boat.  Although I concentrate a good portion of my time on the lake on photography, I can't be on the water without also fishing, and this boat has not disappointed in the fishing category.  In fact, thanks to it's accessibility to so many places, I'd say it's the best fishing boat I've ever owned.

In my 57 years this is the 2nd best "toy" I've ever owned. The number one being my 1st ever brand new bicycle with it's state of the art banana seat that my parents gave me in 1967.  That bike took me places I couldn't have gone otherwise, and my Twin Troller does the same today!

Below is my Twin Toller with it's custom camo paint job.  My husband and I spent a weekend painting it and so far, the paint job has held up well.  I do believe the new paint job has helped me sneak up on more then a few critters I'd have never gotten close to otherwise, like the mink.

Here you see my Twin Troller with it's custom camouflage paint job at the lake, set up
for a video/photography outing.  When my husband and I go fishing I simply put away the
tripod and slide the second 360° swivel fishing chair onto the secure rails and off we go.

Check out my Twin Troller fan video on YouTube... 


And one of my wildlife videos shot from the Twin Troller...


I can't say enough about this great little boat.  If you have any questions feel
free to ask.  If you live in the area of Bella Vista, Arkansas and would like
to check out my little boat in person and take it a spin, feel free to email.
 I'll take any excuse to take it out on the lake and love showing it off!