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Lakes in Beautiful Bella Vista, Arkansas

Loch Lomond Lake in Beautiful Bella Vista, AR 

Arkansas fishing license required to fish on all lakes in Arkansas, including Bella Vista lakes.  These can be purchased at any Wal-Mart or at the Hook, Line and Sinker off 71 HWY and County Road 40, across from Lowes (turn east at Wal-greens and then a sharp right at the church on the corner across from Wal-Greens).

$$$ - Boating fees and lake use fees can be found on the POA fee schedule page - click here The fee schedule will open it's own window and displays the full range of amenity fees in Bella Vista.

You can also find lake fees as well as detailed directions to all the lakes, types of fish you might catch, and more on the POA's lake's brochure pdf file - click here

360° Video Hosting Presented By YouTube

Keep in mind that the videos show only a 360 view of the main area of each lake.
Most of the lakes have deep coves and sections that can't be seen in the videos,
making the surface area of these lakes larger then they appear here.


Lake Ann
Full Speed Boat Sport Lake
water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, fishing

Size: 112 Acres
Average Depth: 65 - 70 Ft.

PARK SIDE & Boat Ramp (Off Trafalgar)

Boat Ramp, Dock, Fish Cleaning Station
Shoreline Mooring Rental first come basis
 Shoreline Rack Storage for Canoes, Jon Boats.
Pavilion, Porta Potty Restroom

(Off  71hwy - Behind Lumber/Hardware Store)

Large Covered Handicapped Accessible Fishing Dock
 with Fish Cleaning Station,  Smaller Fishing Dock w Ladder,
Porta Potty Restroom




Lake Rayburn
Restrictions: No Wake
Fishing, Slow Boating

Size: 47 Acres
Depth: 45 - 50 Ft.

DAM SIDE - Off Kingsland Rd.
Boat Ramp and Dock, Two Fishing Docks w Ladders
Porta Potty Restroom




Lake Avalon
Restrictions: No Wake
Fishing, Slow Boating

Size: 67 Acres
Depth: 40 - 50 Ft.

ON PARK SIDE off Camden Rd

Boat Ramp and Dock, Shoreline Mooring Rental first come basis,
Rack Storage for Canoes, Jon Boats,
Pavilion, Permanent Restrooms

off 340 Hwy/Lanshire Blvd

Large dock with ladders as well as a heated/covered
dock for cold weather fishing.
Porta Potty Restroom




Lake Norwood
Restrictions: No Wake
Fishing, Slow Boating

Size: 35 Acres
Depth: 70 - 75 Ft.

Behind Harps at Town Center

Boat Ramp and Dock
2 Fishing Docks w Ladders/ Fish Cleaning Station
Off Dam Parking Lot





Loch Lomond
Full Speed Boat Sport Lake
water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, fishing

Size: 475 Acres
Depth: 80 - 85 Ft.
Marina docking is available, covered and uncovered
Motorized Fishing & Pontoon Boats available for rent
by the hour with POA ID card.

MARINA - Off Glasglow Blvd
Fish Cleaning Station, Boat Gas,
Bait and Tackle, No Boat Ramp

Granton Park - Off Highland Blvd.
Boat Dock & Ramp
Small Fishing Dock
Pavilion, Fish Cleaning Station
Porta Potty Restroom

Tiree Park Off Highland Blvd
Boat Dock & Ramp, Pavilion,
Playground, Permanent Restrooms

Loch Lomond Marina



Loch Lomond Marina Clubhouse


Lake Windsor
Full Speed Boat Sport Lake

water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, fishing

Size: 220 Acres
Depth: 75 - 80 Ft.

Shoreline Mooring Rental first come basis

DAM - Off 340 Hwy/Lanshire Blvd






Lake Brittany
Restrictions: No Wake
Fishing, Slow Boating

Size: 35 Acres
Depth: 70 - 75 Feet

Dam -
Accessed via Trafalger

Boat dock and ramp / 2 smaller fishing docks
fish cleaning station / Porta Potty restroom



Use of the Bella Vista lakes and facilities is available to all Bella Vista property owners and their guests.  Boating permits and photo IDs are required to use the lakes and can be purchased through the P.O.A.    Boats found on the lakes without permits will be asked to leave and property owners who do not get their boats properly registered by the deadline posted on the POA website will be required to pay late registration fee at  higher fees.

If you are renting a home or townhouse in Bella Vista you have to purchase a guest permit to use the lakes unless you are fishing with a property owner who has a photo ID.   Owners have to have a photo ID card with them.  If they do not they will have the choice of purchasing a daily pass or being asked to leave the premises.  Guest of owners will be required to purchase a pass from the Lake Ranger if they are found to be fishing without the owner on common property (dams and parks) or from a registered boat.  Lake Rangers do not request to see permits from property owners or guest if they own lake property and are fishing from their own property

Beaver Lake, though not in Bella Vista, is worth noting if you love fishing.  It's only 20 miles east of Bella Vista and is a Corp of Engineer Lake covering over 27,000 acres!  You could fit nearly all of Bella Vista City in Beaver Lake!

No motorized personal water craft (wave runners) are allowed on any of Bella Vista lakes. All except three of the BV lakes are "no wake" lakes,  making them prime lakes for fishing.   All the lakes are regularly managed and periodically stocked with game fish for year round fishing enjoyment.  All it takes is your Arkansas fishing license and your Bella Vista Membership or Guest Card in your wallet to enjoy some great!

NO alcohol allowed on or around the lakes.  This rule is strictly enforced by the Lake Rangers. 


On the average, lake homes in Bella Vista begin around 200,000 and go up from there, with the median price being in the $300,000 - $400,000 range.  Lake lots sell from $50,000.00 up, depending on the location and layout of the lot.  Good buildable lake lots are rare, as most have been developed.  You can find homes near the lake with lake views for much less.  Good lake lots seem to add as much as $75,000 - $100,000.00 to a comparable home not on the lake.  It seems everyone wants to live on the lake these days!  /p>


(Prices quoted are not guaranteed.  They are based on Bella Vista lake property locally advertised in the Spring of 2012.
  Depending on current market conditions, homes  may be found either higher or lower then the prices quoted above.)


This is my boat a Twin Troller...best little boat ever!!
It's this boat I used to take the videos of the lakes on this page as well as
to make a nature video called The Nature of Beautiful Bella Vista
For more info about one of the best little boats out there, click on the image!

Find free fishing clipart at www.internetclipart.com


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