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Bella Vista has a very nice RV park, complete with water, sewage, and cable TV.  Many love to come through Bella Vista and spend a day or a week or even a month enjoying the village amenities while living in their own "Home Sweet Home" on wheels.

Many have purchased a lot in Bella Vista just to be able to take advantage of the RV Park and other the other activities and facilities Bella Vista Village has to offer.  There are usually many lots throughout the village for sale as, often costing under 1000.00.  Although the majority of these lots may not be very suitable for building on, they do give their owner member privileges.  Monthly membership dues on unimproved lots is 16.00 a month.  So for an initial investment fee of around 750 - 1500.00 for a lot,  and 16.00 a month dues, you can have all the fee benefits of membership.  If you are interested in purchasing a membership lot, contact a local Bella Vista Realtor.

RVs may only be in the RV lot for 6 months of any calendar year and RVs must be continually occupied.  No empty RVs are to be "stored" at the RV park.  There is fenced RV storage for POA members on  279 near the Highlands.   For current RV Park fees contact the POA office for more information by visiting www.bellavistapoa.com 


RV Park Phone Number 855-8075

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